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OpenCures gives you access to cutting edge health research tools and educational resources.

You own your data and can participate in research to optimize health and cure disease!

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How it Works

  1. Register an account with OpenCures.
  2. Order biomarker tests such as metabolomics and proteomics.
  3. Connect all of your disparate health data such as diet, fitness, genetics, and medical records.
  4. Use our online platform to plan experiments, analyze your data, learn about the science of health, and collaborate with your peers.

We can Achieve Better Health Together

OpenCures empowers people to not just collect and understand their own health data, but to collaborate with each other on research to cure diseases. 

On our platform your health data is owned and controlled by you. You may share your data with any person or group of your choice or even opt-in to anonymously share your data with whole OpenCures research community.

Your data is valuable! 

Our platform will use blockchain technology to ensure data integrity and track your contributions. We believe progress in health research can be accelerated by aligning the incentives of all data generators and researchers. Stay tuned for the launch of the OpenCures Platform!


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