Our Science

OpenCures is the first patient-centric digital commonwealth providing users DTC access to proprietary blood analysis technology, proven effective in cancer and neurodegeneration preventative measures, for any human to enrich their healthcare data and use in self-directed community research projects. 

We intend to reassert personal control over healthcare data in a trusted environment while accelerating insights into long-term health conditions and changes for patients, physicians, and researchers alike. The goal is to allow individuals to profit from their protected health data and focus on the medical problems they want to solve.

Data Generation

Bio-specimens are collected to process and unlock your individual, and collective, bio insights. By providing access to cutting edge multiomics technology using mass spectrometry, OpenCures will be able to measure over 10,000 molecules per blood sample, as opposed to 40 in the current doctors test. This data will then be cross-referenced with health and lifestyle questionnaires to ultimately generate health insights insights.

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